Bitter truth of life after college – Fooling us?

🏫👦College to Professional life.🏢👨

Life after college never would have been more apt. From empty pockets to our 📅 1st month Salary. 💸

Realising the usage of Excel more at workplace more than the Formulas which we had learnt. 🖥

Fast forward 12 years, these are the things I have learnt, which might relate to many of us.

1. There is nothing called as work pressure, we ourselves take up numerous works and try to complete it without setting time limits. 🕑

Lesson 1️⃣ – Time management (Which most of us don’t have)

2. In the life after college, we have forgotten the habit of reading. 📕 Beyond graduation, we feel our lives are complete and we need not learn anything new. In the process we forget to upskill ourselves.

Lesson 2️⃣ – Self Time for Upskilling and learning. (We assume we all are genius) – Check out Learncrew to upskill yourself.

3. Home foods are distant dream. 💭🥙. In the busy world, we explore new places through Insta reels and have mouthwatering dishes.
Result: Diabetes, BP, cholesterol at 30years.

Lesson 3️⃣ – Health Management (Most of us ignore it)

4. Money is the good or bad? 👎👍
We have EMI lined up for all tech gadgets, Car, House, etc. Are you really living life?
Result: We have forgotten savings or investment.

Lesson 4️⃣- Investment and Savings (We all are boosted up by investment gurus and take up the step to invest, but give a thought, are you investing really for a long time? Answer is No, most of us are short timers)

5. We are always busy. ⏰️ Forgetting that we too have a family back at home for our presence and time.

Lesson 5️⃣ – Spend quality family time.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

6. Forgetting to laugh from heart ❤️. Might seem strange, but that’s the reality, we all have a fake smile put in front of us to hide many things behind.

Lesson 6️⃣- Spend time with friends (Relive those moments at least once a while)

Now these points I mentioned might go familiar with many of the younger generation.
In the verge of earning money and securing the family. We are losing many important aspects which needs to be overseen again.

Make your life better by having a balance between work and life. Don’t lose yourself eventually in the game.🎯

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Let’s connect for more insights.
Put down your experience in the comments, if you agree with me.

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